Taming the content monster

Enterprise Strategy

What is bigger than "Big Data" with far more game changing potential? It's Big Content, the most valuable untapped resource in large organizations today.

Content has never been so important to the achievement of executive business goals. For example, a recent Gartner Survey* placed Business Intelligence, Collaboration, and Mobile in the top five CIO Technology concerns for 2012. All three depend on content in different but essential ways that can only be optimized through an Enterprise Content Strategy

Unstructured content disrupts process automation, obscures knowledge assets, evades governance, and impedes the delivery of business goals. Implementing content strategy at any level brings value. When implemented with an enterprise perspective, that value is both multiplied and lasting.

Most organizations are not accustomed to thinking about Content in terms of Strategic Alignment and Enterprise Architecture. Our consultants have expertise and experience that helps IT and the Business simplify the complexity of addressing content strategically at an enterprise level, optimize IT performance and ROI, and avert a generation of stove pipe approaches to high priority content problems.

Bringing a perspective beyond that gained through departmental initiatives alone, our consultants help clients:

  • Conceptualize an enterprise content architecture that delivers on business strategy
  • Develop a maturity model that identifies a roadmap that maximizes quarterly ROI
  • Prioritize potential initiatives with an objective cost-benefit analysis.