Project Acceleration

Experts agree that success is secured or forfeited in the earliest phases of a project. We bring rare expertise that removes the risk of enterprise initiatives.

Note: Alternate shortdesc: Business is experiencing an avalanche of new and demanding requirements and the rapid development of competing technologies to address them. Implementing executive strategy often places organizations on the "bleeding edge." This is an uncomfortable place when mission critical deliverables are on the line.

Optimistic analysts estimate that more than 30 percent of software projects "fail," while the more pessimistic place that number above 60 percent. Regardless of the percentage, analysts agree that a lack of early project fundamentals make failure predictable from the start*. Experts agree that success is secured or forfeited in the earliest phases of a project.

The Contelligence Group excels at reducing the risk of enterprise initiatives. Our experience delivering new standards and technology in mission-critical enterprise projects confirms this with a consistent record of success. We bring a rare expertise in early project fundaments to every project, knowing that:

  • Success begins with the Project Statement and is most often secured or lost in the analysis phase.
  • Scope creep is the result of faulty requirements, not the business changing its mind.
  • More projects fail due to needless complexity than due to a lack of features.
  • Stakeholder engagement is the most effective vaccine against the forces that threaten a project.

Successful projects depend on strategic vision, enterprise perspectives, a great user experience, and doing the early phases right. To read more about the Contelligence Group’s agile approach to project acceleration, see our Services description.