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Content Strategy Services

Chances are your content could use some new digs if it is going to support your key goals for 2013 and beyond. The decades-old approaches that organizations have inherited isolate content from the very processes and interactions that depend on it most. We can help you define effective Enterprise and Project level Content Strategies that are easy to implement and revolutionary in their impact.

Five years ago the only executives talking about content were in the media business. Today content is discussed in every boardroom because rapid changes have made content a critical arena for competitive advantage. Want to win in customer engagement? Get your content in the right formats, on the right devices, and then personalized for exactly the right impression. Want to hear the voice of the customer? It’s all there in the boundless market intelligence offered by Twitter, Facebook, and other Web 2.0 content.

Most organizations are realizing that there are numerous content problems beyond these hottest topics. The mission critical content in documents, presentations, spreadsheets, emails, instant messages, and even enterprise social applications might as well be invisible. Finding it is not easy, applying governance to it is even harder, and automating the processes that interact with it is impossible.

The Contelligence Group’s content strategy services provide a rapid knowledge transfer to organizations and remove a missing link in the alignment of IT initiatives and executive goals.

Fortunately, there are technologies and best practices that can solve these problems. The Contelligence Group specializes in aligning the way organizations create, store, and use content with key executive goals. We help the business understand how content can accelerate processes instead of hindering them. We work with IT to design Enterprise Content Architectures that are nimble and responsive to business needs. And we bring experience to project teams, reducing the time required to implement Intelligent Content without disrupting the business.