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Project Acceleration Services

While experts claim most software projects fail, our most ambitious projects have set standards for success. “Beating the odds” is a good thing—and even better when you can make it repeatable. Project Acceleration describes the best practices we add to traditional project management. It’s an Agile focus on the business, its people, and executive priorities.

If project difficulties are so universal then wouldn't the underlying problem be universal as well? Every project involves different team members, stakeholders, vendors, software, and goals. Clearly the problem is not the people, the technology, or what the business is trying to achieve. We believe that the problem is the process. As business and technology change radically, the process must change as well. Fix the process and you fix the problem.

As business and technology change radically, the project management process must change as well.

Beginning in the mid-1990s, we were leading some very ambitious and complex content initiatives for which there were no precedents. Each of these projects had experienced at least one faltered attempt before we came on-board, and there really was no choice but to forge a new path if the project participants were to have any hope for success. Fortunately, the uniqueness of the projects created a more liberal environment where experimentation was encouraged. A variety of technical and process innovations led to successes that were so dramatic that they have set the stage for what organizations expect from content today.

The past decade has seen a radical change to the way software is developed called Agile. The details of the development approach are less important than how broadly it has been adopted without a corresponding evolution of how projects are managed beyond the software development itself. Project Acceleration applies similar process improvements to an entire project—not just the software development component—by bringing greater focus on innovation, stakeholder engagement, rapid prototyping, risk management, and measurable ROI throughout each phase of an initiative.