Manufacturing Solutions

Content is everywhere, and there are many Intelligent Content requirements that are common without regard to a specific industry. Examples include managing and monetizing various forms of intellectual property, adding transparency and governance to critical processes, improving Business Analytics and Performance Management; mastering personalized customer engagement on any device, and automating multi-channel publishing.

In addition, there are specific requirements for different commercial industry segments, non-profits organizations, and government agencies. Contelligence Group consultants are among the very best available to deliver solutions requiring deep domain expertise and exceptional consultative skills. For example, consider the following applications in the manufacturing space:

Product Innovation:

What role does content play in your product lifecycle? Manufacturers often use Microsoft Office extensively to create, review, and approve the documents that support the management of Stage Gate and similar processes. The effects are widespread and impact governance, portfolio visibility, IP preservation, performance management, and more.

The Contelligence Group can make replacing these documents with Intelligent Content much easier than might be imagined. Our experience in manufacturing environments and deep knowledge of the Microsoft Office System enables a smooth and low-cost transition, often with the same processes, infrastructure, and software you rely on today. The result is rapid and quantifiable ROI.

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Quality Systems:

The heart of GMP, whether regulated or not, is the set of SOPs and work instructions that contain all of the organization’s knowledge about how to achieve the highest level of quality with the greatest efficiency. The impact of depending on Microsoft Word documents to be consistent in approach, accurate in content, and reliable in distribution is felt not only by Quality Management, but by the organization as a whole.

The Contelligence Group implements Intelligent Content for SOPs and work instructions using your current authoring tools and with XML that is completely invisible. Intelligent Content allows individual quality components to be managed and reused—the most effective way to eliminate redundant efforts, inconsistent instructions, and the need to manually update numerous documents when a procedure changes. Medical device and other regulated manufacturers can use the component level granularity to easily customize SOPs to the requirements of regional authorities and manage their distribution.

Technical Publishing
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